Yoga with Kate

Re​laxed and friendly yoga classes with a well qualified and experienced British Wheel of Yoga teacher.


Welcome to Yoga with Kate !

Yoga means "Union" - it means finding a sense of balance between our mind, body and spirit, and can be incredibly useful in helping us to ride the rollercoaster that is life, especially while we are coping with so much change brought about by coronavirus.  

The practice of yoga brings benefits to the people with whom we share our lives too - in allowing ourselves to be more centred and balanced, this helps to support those around us.


Over the last three weeks four people have been unable to attend class because of self isolation.  

In two cases, this was brought about because a family member tested positive following a routine test, despite not having symptoms.  I have been trying to keep face to face classes running because so many people enjoy them, and feel huge benefits.  

However, the prospect of having to contact a group and tell them they had possibly been exposed to the virus and needed 14 days of self isolation with the worry of possible serious illness, really doesn't bear thinking about.  

While Wirral remains in Tier 3, all classes will be on Zoom.  

This brings the advantage of being able to practice comfortably in your own home, but also means that we are able to undertake a more energetic practice again which we have had to avoid in Face to Face classes - every cloud has a silver lining !

The Right Class For You

Kate strongly believes that yoga is for any body - you certainly don't need to be flexible to attend one of her classes. You might find that you feel a little more flexible and stronger by the end of the class, but that isn't the main aim. The main aim is to feel more comfortable in our own skin, to be able to participate fully in life, and to have the skills and techniques to cope with the stresses of daily life.

There are a wide range of classes available to ensure that everyone can access a yoga class, including a seated, therapeutic chair yoga class.  Please contact Kate if you'd like guidance in finding the right class for your requirements. 

What To Expect During Classes

Each class will begin with a short centreing exercise to prepare the mind and body for our yoga practice.  The theme of each class varies from week to week, but all classes include asana (posture practice) to ease the body, pranayama (breathing techniques) and relaxation to soothe the mind.  

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A mini class for you to enjoy

This is a forty minute class of softly flowing sequences that I hope you enjoy.  The class finishes with The Globes of Light relaxation which is always popular with my students.  Please listen to your body as you practice, stopping if something doesn't feel right.  If you are new to yoga, please watch the video first before deciding whether you'd like to join in.

What people are saying about the classes

"Oh Kate !  I just loved your class.  Just what I needed. You are a godsend, thank you ever so much.  You've got a lovely voice and you just bring sunshine into our lives.  Thank you very much xxx"

Hajnal, Wirral

"It was so lovely and relaxing this morning to do yoga. I’ll definitely be booking in again. And I found the Zoom link to be Excellent, very clear and good sound."

"Really enjoyed it this morning, it felt very similar to the normal class from my perspective. We had suitable music on in the background, I could even smell the incense (even though we didn't have any 😊). The dog behaved as well which was a bonus"

"Thanks Kate for today. I thought it went really well and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to taking part again"

"Thank you so much for such a lovely and nourishing yoga class this morning. I really enjoyed it and thought that it was a great success. The brain is so quick to adapt, so it wasn't long before I forgot that the class was online and my brain just got in the yoga zone."