YOGA WITH KATE -  WEST KIRBY, WIRRAL - 0151 625 3316 or 07708 496645
Yoga Relaxations and Meditation CD

Take time out to lie back and relax to one of the four tracks on this relaxation CD, written by and narrated by Kate Knowles.  

Featuring a variety of relaxation techniques there is something to suit everyone on the disc, even someone who finds it hard to relax:

Track 1 - A body and breath awareness relaxation (16 mins)
Track 2 - A muscle tensing and releasing relaxation (16 mins)
Track 3 - A simple seated meditation (9 mins - can also be practiced lying down)
Track 4 - About Sankalpa (1 min - advice to help you choose your sankalpa, an affirmation to bring a positive change to your life)
Track 5 - Yoga nidra (22 mins)

£8.50 in class
£10 if posted to you

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