YOGA WITH KATE - West Kirby, Wirral -  WEST KIRBY, WIRRAL - 0151 625 3316 or 07708 496645

The third Thursday of every month, 
7:00 - 8:30 pm
at St Bridgets Church Centre, 
St Bridgets Lane, West Kirby, WIRRAL.

£6.50 Advance Bookings please 
(if you need to change your plans, you can swap to a later date)
or £8 on the night

(please check availability with Kate)

2019 Class dates 

20th June 2019
FRIDAY 19th July 2019 (sorry - no class on the 18th July because I will be at my sons graduation ceremony !)
15th August 2019
19th September 2019
17th October 2019
21st November 2019
19th December 2019

This new yoga class is ideal for anyone new to yin yoga, or those who have prior experience.  The class will be gentle and meditative, including pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, yin and yang yoga, before culminating with a deep relaxation.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your yoga mat and a blanket.  Feel free to bring a yoga block, bolster or pillow and anything else you think might be helpful (blocks are available at the centre).

Yin yoga is all about holding asana for longer than you might in a normal yoga class.  This gives us the opportunity to release and surrender into a pose, slowly and gently settling into our body.  Poses may be held for 3 - 4 minutes, possibly longer, which means we can work into the joints whilst the muscles release and let go.  Yin allows us to tune into our feminine energies, cool and hidden, reflective and passive.  This is the opposite of Yang energy, masculine, hot and dynamic.  There can be no yin without yang - a sense of balance is required to bring a sense of well being and harmony.  

Whilst the primary focus of the class is yin yoga, elements of yang yoga will be included to allow for the holistic nature of yoga to shine through.

The class will conclude with a deep relaxation of at least twenty minutes, giving you the chance to restore and soothe your energy levels.  If you feel depleted, relaxation will boost your energy.  If you feel overwhelmed by too many things to do, relaxation will allow you to settle, reprioritise and refocus.

Come and give it a try !      

"Wow - that was amazing.  I'm going to float home now !"

"I thought the new class was excellent and very enjoyable. I certainly felt the benefits from it and see the class as a natural extension to the YHLB course."

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