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Back Care Yoga

Back Care Yoga classes are based upon the 12 week Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course. 

YHLB is a a 12 week specialist yoga course, backed by extensive research trials, specifically designed to help people with chronic back pain. No prior experience of yoga is necessary. The course provides people with gentle, simple, effective techniques that may reduce back pain, strengthen the back and reduce the incidence of future back problems.

Unfortunately it is not practical to run the course due to the covid uncertainty, so I am offering Back Care classes instead. 

(nb - participants must be able to get down to the floor and back up again, using the support of a chair or the wall if necessary - please get in touch with Kate if you'd like clarification)

Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs and Back Care yoga

YHLB courses are temporarily suspended during the pandemic.  In the meantime I am offering a Back Care class on Monday nights on Zoom.

A random controlled trial by the University of York and Arthritis UK demonstrated that "Yoga is a safe and effective activity that clinicians could consider recommending for patients with a history of low back pain" (Tilbrook et all 2011). The research also demonstrated that the benefits of yoga continued after the end of the twelve week course. Full details of the findings can be seen on

NICE Draft Guidelines regarding its review of how NHS professionals should treat patients with low back pain stated in the first sentence of its Press Statement 24th March 2016 that

'The draft guidelines recommends exercise in all its forms (for example, stretching, strengthening,

aerobic or yoga), as the first step in managing low back pain'

The course includes training on :

• Pain relief poses for when you have a painful back

• A Core yoga programme and Progressive programme of yoga poses designed to strengthen the back, reducing the likelihood and duration of future incidents of back pain

• Support to practice at home

• Relaxation techniques

Please see for further information about the research and the course, including testimonials about the benefits of the course. YHLB Classes are also held at the Yoga Yoga Sanctuary in Liscard with Ann Simmonett - you'll find details on


"It has helped me manage my pain better and become more flexible. Everything was made very clear. The instructions were clear, and the tutor was professional and friendly" Dec 2019

"Kate always made me feel at ease. I have felt a big difference in my lower back" Dec 2019

"My general wellbeing and outlook is improved greatly" Dec 2019

"I really enjoyed the course" Dec 2019

"Learning techniques to improve my back and relaxation. All information very informative. Nothing else required. I've used the techniques learnt to cope with back pain. Back has greatly improved" Dec 2019

"Very comprehensive and excellent delivery. Instructions were fullsome and progressive over the 12 weeks. The pace of learning was ideal. You made everything clear with the right balance of teaching, demonstrating and practice. My lower back is stronger. My general health has seemed to be better and more consistent. The physiology is fascinating. Thanks for making the course so enjoyable" Dec 2019

"The best thing about the course was the approach and qualities of the teacher. I've learned how to manage my condition better and how to relieve pain if necessary" Jan 2019

"My back is better now. I have greater body awareness and can recognise twinges before they turn into anything more severe" Jan 2019

"Thank you Kate. I'm not always in the best of spirits, and you made it easy to put myself in a class that has potential to tap into several of my neuroses!" Jan 2019

"Pain relief poses definately help. Not as much improvement as had hoped for but thats purely down to life balance and work stress ! I'm conscious of general posture and movement more now than before" Jan 2019

"The best thing about the course was learning tips for future back episodes" Jan 2019

"My general posture has improved" Jan 2019

"I'm very pleased with this course. I think I had actually underestimated how my back pain was affecting me - I had inadvertantly stopped moving my spine as I should. So there has been a definate improvement overall" - June 2018

"I feel more flexible in my back movements, and less pain. I am generally happier in myself" - June 2018

"I loved the course, Kate helped me to relax, I'm less stressed, sleeping better, able to help back pain when acute" - June 2018

"I'm feeling much stronger now" - June 2018

"Kate is fabulous and does an amazing job" - June 2018

"I haven't experienced any problems with my back since joining the course and fully recommend it to others" - anon January 2018

"This has been a really enjoyable but informative course - I like the use of the spine model so I could visualise and also the names of the muscles. I'm generally more aware of my posture and the need for relaxation for back health. The course represents excellent value for money" - anon January 2018

"Just a quick email to report in.

As I said when I finished my course, back in June?, I was going in for a foot op.

Well I’m now three weeks post op. I was worrying that my back was going to be bad with all the sitting around but I’m still virtually pain free. I’m doing a few of the exercises in the book each day. Mainly the upper body ones but a couple of floor ones, but doing them in bed before getting up! So pleased with the results. Thanks once again for your excellent training. Also I’ve now had time to read the Norman Doidge book you recommended. Can’t put it down. Absolutely fascinating and I can see where the yoga fits in with it too.

Just thought you’d like some feedback." - anon, November 2017

"Having done some yoga in the past I was a little wary of undertaking the course due to the amount of back pain I was suffering. As I didn't feel very flexible I was cautious about risking inflicting any further pain on myself. The gentle stretching exercises at the beginning of the course did not put my back under any strain but in fact eased it. The strengthening exercises as the course moved on have been of benefit. I would advise anyone wary of the word "yoga" not to be put off enrolling on the course. It does not require extreme suppleness and does not put a strain on an already pain ridden back. Quite the contrary"

- Lynne, West Kirby, June 2013

"The course has given me the tools to help strengthen my back and alleviate soreness and niggles in my lower back. Through practising the exercises regularly at home it has enable me to memorise the exercises which are of most benefit to me. I will definately continue the practice. The course has helped reduce my lower back pain, thank you" - Debbie, West Kirby, July 2013

" Having spent virtually 12 months in constant pain / discomfort in the lower back and pelvis I am pleased to say the situation is much improved 10 weeks into my yoga course with Kate. Not only that but I feel confident I have the tools to tackle the pain if I wake with it, or I have been standing for hours. I also take preventative measures before, after and during long cycles by going through a set of yoga poses. I have become more flexible and am slowly building a stronger core plus taking time to listen to the relaxation cd all of which are helping to reduce the days I'm in pain and shorten the periods of discomfort when they do arise"

- Cath, West Kirby, July 2013

"Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs is a very good course, taught excellently by Kate. As well as back strengthening exercises I have learnt relaxation and breathing techniques. I now try to incorporate good posture and pelvic floor exercises into everyday life. As well as practising my Yoga of course!"

-Caz, Greasby, Dec 2013

Thanks really getting into it....can't do without the daily session....feel it has opened opportunities for me....feeling so less tense all hope to see you next Friday as planned!

P.S. Wonderful to hear the back clinic taking you on board, been an attendee with them previously.....what you offer is truly pleased for you ...great news...

- Alison, West Kirby, April 2014

Just want to say thanks I have really appreciated the classes.

- Sue, Hoylake, April 2014

Thanks Kate, my back is feeling much more stable now

Mike, July 2014

This has been the best thing I've ever done for my back and I thought I'd tried everything

Ann, July 2014

The techniques we've learnt have taken away the fear

Karen, July 2014

I have more energy, and I'm more likely to fit in back exercises whilst at work

Anon, Jan 2015

My posture has improved and I'm more aware of what to do if I'm in discomfort, my back certainly feels better. Thanks Kate, it was great

Anon, Jan 2015

The course was gentle and effective, my pain disappears quicker and I've noticed an improvement in general wellbeing, and less niggles

Anon, Jan 2015

"My back has benefited from gentle stretching and daily practice"

Anon, May 2015

"Practicing yoga during my skiing holiday kept me supple and relatively pain free"

Anon, May 2015

"The best thing has been learning what to do when my back sizes up"

Anon, May 2015

"I am able to help myself more when I have problems with my back. I now know what exercises help to ease my back, and prevent further deterioration. The relaxations has helped me as I have had some emotional issues to deal with recently"

Anon, June 2015

"I am more confident about dealing with my back now"

Anon, June 2015

"I have less frequent back problems now, and if they occur, they disappear quickly"

Anon, June 2015

"My back is more supple now, and I can do certain stretches to relieve sciatica. The ability to relax and let the tension go from my back is useful. I have also learnt not to panic if it is bad one day, as it will improve again eventually"

Anon, June 2015

"I really enjoyed the course, feel as though I am more able to control my back problems"

Anon, June 2015

"Kate is friendly and patient. The induction evening made me feel confident about signing up for the course"

Anon, June 2015.

"Thanks Kate. That was the best thing I've ever done for my back".

Anon, Jan 2016

"Since I've been practising yoga I haven't needed to see my osteopath. Its saving me a fortune!"

Shirley, May 2016

"I've regained my confidence and would like to carry on coming to classes to maintain my practice"

Anon, May 2016

"The best thing about the course was being given coping techniques so that you feel more in control"

anon, May 2016

"Overall my mood is much better. Back pain was overwhelming me but being able to try different techniques to improve pain has made me feel more positive"

Anon, May 2016

"Even though I have occasional problems, I know now what to do. I generally feel calmer due to the relaxation practice"

Anon, May 2016

"Best thing I've done in ages !"

anon, May 2016

"I can't thank you enough. I now feel about to control my back when it is troubling me. I can now work out which exercises I need to do xx"

anon, July 2016

"The course has provided me with sufficient information / guidance on controlling my back pain."

anon, July 2016

"I feel that I have coped far better with particularly ardous task that we are doing in the garden, and am more confident that I have coping mechanisms for the future" anon Dec 2016

"The course has brought psychological improvements - I'm not worrying that my back would go - so less tense - so less likely to go" anon Dec 2016

"I can feel the benefit in general every day movement at work and home " anon Dec 2016

"Kate is a confident, articulate teacher and she instills the same in her pupils" - anon Feb 2017

"The course was very clear and well presented" - anon Feb 2017

"I have greater awareness which I think has led to more caution and therefore less problems and I feel confident on how to manage any twinges / prevent problems" - anon Feb 2017