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All Beginners courses are on hold until the pandemic is over - please contact Kate to find a class suitable for you in the meantime.

Beginners Yoga 5 week course

This five week course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to confidently join a normal drop in yoga class. 

Each class will feature a selection of yoga postures (asana), breathing techniques and relaxation methods. A variety of themes will be explored during the course, including the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga; basic yoga philosophy and the importance of the breath.

The course is ideal for anyone new to yoga, or people who have completed the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course. The course might also appeal to those wanting to deepen their practice.

Suggestions will be made each week for home practice that you might like to try in between classes, although this is not compulsory. The Beacon Room at St Bridgets is a lovely warm venue, with a carpeted floor, which catches the sunlight in the morning so it is perfect for yoga practice.

Please bring a yoga mat and blanket, and wear comfortable clothes that will not restrict your movement. You might also like to bring a small cushion or pillow.

The course is suitable for all, as long as you are able to get down to the floor and back up again, with the aid of a chair if necessary. Modifications will be offered to make poses more gentle where necessary.

Lesson 1 - An introduction to yoga – basic sitting, standing, balancing, lying and twisting poses, with an introduction to the importance of the breath in yoga, ujayii breathing, followed by a muscle tensing and releasing relaxation.

Lesson 2 - The physical benefits of yoga – strength, flexibility, agility and balance, and how these are incorporated into a yoga class, followed by humming bee breath (brahmari pranayama), and an autogenic training relaxation.

Lesson 3 - The importance of the breath in our yoga practice, an exploration of the idea of ratios in breathing, a continuation of our journey through yoga asana, with a focus on balancing poses, balancing the inhalation and exhalation breathing, followed by a visualisation.

Lesson 4 - A brief history of yoga, touching upon The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads and Patanjali’s yoga sutras, and their relevance to our practice today, a continuation of exploring flowing sequences, including the sun saluation and its modifications, combining breath and movement, followed by a rotation of consciousness relaxation.

Lesson 5 - Yoga in our daily lives and developing a home practice – tips and ideas to help you implement yogic ideas and principles into your daily life, including a brief guide to the different types of yoga you might encounter (yin, ashtanga, hatha, kundalini and flow), followed by triangle breathing and a visualisation.

Upon completion of the course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to join a regular yoga class.