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Yoga with Kate

West Kirby, WIRRAL



About Kate

Kate Knowles loved her first yoga class in Liverpool with Jacqui Crescenti, which sparked the seed for further study, with Val McLeod and Janet Irlam on the Wirral. Their classes inspired Kate to undertake further training, qualifying as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher in 2007, having trained with Rosemary Bennett. Kate has been teaching since 2004 (

Kate trained with Birthlight to teach Baby Yoga (Level 1) in 2012 with Marion O'Connor.

In 2013 Kate qualified as a Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs teacher with the YHLB Institute under Alison Trewhela's tutelage.

During 2015 Kate qualified as a Yoga for People living with Cancer teacher with the BWY, undertaking the training with Julie Friedeberger. Kate has studied anatomy and physiology with Lesley Dike, a physiotherapist and yoga teacher, covering the spine, nervous system, feet, hips, shoulders and balance.

In 2017 Kate attended a four day workshop with Lesley Kaminoff. In 2019 Kate trained in yin/yang yoga with Debbie Redcliffe.  In 2020 Kate undertook Menopause Yoga training with Petra Coveney, and Restful Sleep training with Judy Sampath.  In 2021 Kate studied Yoga for Menopause with Francoise Freedman from Birthlight, and Yoga for Chronic Fatigue with Fiona Agombar.

In 2020 Kate was voted in as the British Wheel of Yoga representative for North Wales.

In 2021 Kate became a member of the Independent Yoga Network. 

Kate aims to teach the type of yoga class that she would like to attend. Classes vary from one week to the next, some with an emphasis on dynamic, strength building movements, while other classes are more calming and meditative. There are different themes from week to week, so there is something to suit everyone regardless of their level of experience. Every class concludes with a relaxation to ensure students leave feeling calm, yet energised and ready to deal with the challenges of daily life.