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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions - The legal bit

This is to inform you of the terms and conditions for classes (both face to face and online), and special events booked or attended by you, the customer, and Kate Knowles (the organiser/teacher). By booking and participating in classes and special events you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions for classes and special events

1. Bookings should be made in advance through the Bookwhen system in order to secure a place

2. If I have to cancel a class or event I will rearrange the date.  If the new date does not suit you, I will offer a refund.

3. All physical postures and activities suggested by the Organiser/Teacher are to be undertaken by you with sensible judgement, if something feels uncomfortable, please don’t do it. Trust your own guidance, and listen to your body. Risk of injury within the context of yoga is minimal, but when you are moving your body, there is always some risk. Kate Knowles is well qualified and experienced yoga instructor, so please seek advice if you are unsure.

4. By participating in the class or special event, you agree that you are physically able to practice yoga and that the organisers are not responsible or liable for any personal injury, accident or loss to personal possessions.

5. Bookings and payments are made through the Bookwhen booking system. Refunds cannot be made for classes. Class bookings can be transferred up to 48 hours before the class through the Bookwhen system. 50% refunds may be available for workshops or events as long as your place can be filled.

6. If you cannot attend a class you are booked into you are welcome to join on zoom or a recording of the class, or its equivalent, will be sent.

7. By booking in, you agree to be added to the Yoga with Kate mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

COVID health and safety measures for face to face classes, events, workshops

1. Please don’t come to class if you feel unwell.

2. We will follow the relevant covid guidelines at the time of the class, event, workshop.

Disclaimer for online classes

Due to the nature of online teaching, or recorded classes, it is impossible for the teacher to see everyone in the class all of the time, so Kate cannot accept any responsibility, nor can she be held responsible, for anything that you choose to do with your body in the comfort of your own home. By booking onto an online class from the Yoga with Kate website, or watching a recorded class, you are entering into a contract whereby you agree to take full responsibility for yourself during your participation in all online classes. Yoga is a method of self enquiry in which the responsibility lies firmly with the practitioner to ascertain what they should or should not be doing by paying close attention to how they feel. You are strongly advised to listen to your body, to rest whenever your breathing feels laboured, or you feel tired, and to let Kate know if you have any medical issues either by email before each class, or by using the chat facility in the online meeting space 10 minutes before the class starts. Kate cannot be held responsible for any failure on behalf of any internet providers.

(I'm sorry about the official nature of the above disclaimer, but it is an essential requirement of our insurance, and its also important because online teaching is different from face to face teaching. The yoga classes Kate teaches are fairly gentle, so as long as you pay attention to what is happening in your body during the class, the chances of anything going wrong are really tiny ! But please do ask if you have any queries).